Cebu City Car Rental: The Best Choice

If you are traveling in a group or even solo in Cebu, there is no better way than renting a car for your transportation. Driving your own car can save your vacation from many woes on the road especially on a place that you’re not familiar with, take it from me. I have a healthy passion for traveling and Cebu was on of the highlights of my experience. Enjoying Cebu would mean going to their countryside and visit natural beauties of their beach and landscapes. It is a very rewarding experience but it can turn to be very demanding during your trip on the road. You can be on the road for hours and comfort can be a luxury that is hard to find. It gets harder if you go commute. There are buses going to the countryside but they follow schedules and may not be too convenient with your personal schedule. I have to adjust my whole itinerary around the bus schedules so that I can have a ride back home. It gets very bothersome and can cut my enjoyment on a particular site because I always need to look at my watch to check on the time. Another inconvenience in commuting is that there are places that can only be reached by private vehicles and the fare can be very expensive. I have encountered this kind of situation and there is no other way but to give in to their demands.

I searched around for sites offering car rentals and happen by Their Online Reservation option was quite handy! Got a reply from them and they handled everything. I really advise on getting a cheap car rental in Cebu to have a better experience on traveling Cebu. Save yourself from the hassle and enjoy Cebu to the fullest.


Renewing My Driver’s Licence (LTO SM Cebu)

Licence Renewal in Cebu

Renewing your driver’s licence in SM City Cebu is systematic but time consuming. Best to budget a couple of hours or so.

Note for HLO:

10:00 AM – 2:00 AM = Peak hours

2:00 PM – 5:30 PM = Non-peak hours

Just Bring:

– Your old driver’s liscence

– A pen (although the LTO CSR guy sells one for P10)

– Good enough pocket money. I paid P 400 for the drug test and medical exam. And P 480 for the liscence renewal.

I started at 10:00 AM in the morning of September 20, 2012 . Went out for a 30 minute lunch (after I got the HLO form).

1st step:

Line up at the HLO cashier.

Preapre driver’s liscence and P 400 for both drug test and medical examination.

Then you will be given a form to fill out.

Important: Keep your receipt.

Fill out the form, all checkmarks.

Then submit back to the cashier’s booth.

2nd step:

Immediately line up for urine exam. With the sheet and number given to you from the cashier’s booth.

You’ll be given a plastic bottle to pee in and they’ll need you to sign on the cap when you submit it. (conveniently there are restrooms just on the end of the queue)

3rd step:

Find a close enough seat to step 3: biometrics, coz your number will be called soon after.

They’ll take a webcam photo of you and biometeric scan of your right thumb.

You will get your old licence back at this point.

Then again wait for step 4.

4th Step:

Your number will be called for the Step 4 medical exam. I believe the numbers are called by a set of 5.

Weight check. Height check. Vision check.

Then a little wait for the doctor to say ”next” and then you’d be facing the doctor.

Blood pressure check.

Basic illness and info check.

Sign on the log book then you’re off to the LTO center.

5th Step:

Go to the LTO CSR table just outside the LTO center.

Get your form and fill it out.

Together with your medical report, old licence, you will surrender them all and just wait for your name to be called.

If you want to take a photo of your old licence, now would be the best time. Haha

6th Step:

Window 1: Evaluator’s Photo shot

Window 2: AMPI PHOTO-SIGNATURE’s signature

then wait once again

7th Step:

Your name will be called for

Window 3: Cashier

pay P480 , techincally no questions asked. Haha But I guess there will be other charges if you have any pending penalties or violations.

Then sit yourself back down again.

8th Step:

Hopefully the final call

Window 4: Releasing

Meet your renewed licence

Just be sure they got all the right details in there.

End: 1:30pm, and yes by this time there were only very few people left.

Note: If you find this useful, please do let me know, so I’d try and make more things like these in the future. 🙂

—– My experience ——

By 1230 pm I was now waiting for my name to be called amidst 60 other people.

There were no numbers or any indication of any sequence that my licence was being process, just the ”oh he came before me.” and ”I came before him.” sequence I held in my mind.

So after getting a seat and being among the 60 or so other people, my task now was to wait and be attentive enough to hear my name… Whenever it will be called.

The first name was called, and a guy stood up to proceed to window 1 marked Evaluator. He was the guy who was an hour ahead of me in the HLO clinic. Damn. I thought to myself, I’ll be hear for a while.

Another helpful indication of possibly when my name will be called is when my seatmates will slowly be gone and replaced with new people. They were there when I sat down, they should be going ahead of me. Then again that’s no guartantee. Best to slowly make yourself to the front row for a good listening distance.

Apparently there isn’t really a sequence here. I was called before the girl who managed to overtake me during the HLO to LTO shift. Haha!

It’s best tot be alert too. I felt like a idiot for a few seconds because my name was called. And I just approached the lady behind window 2 ”ampi photo signature”. She repeated my name and I raised my hand and replied ”yes?” to which she raised an eyebrow and said ”sit down”.. Prompting me to sit at the window 1’s chair and look at the small webcam facing me. A shot was apparently taken and window 2 lady shouted something out. In the same monotonous tone she used to call out names. I looked at the signature capture device in front of her and was about to ask ”how about my signature?” when she repeated what she just had said. Apparently she meant ”and your signature.” after I wrote my signature in the signature capture device, she immediately called out another name. I waited for her to say it again to be sure it wasn’t another instruction for me.

Your mobile phone would be a good buddy here if you come alone. Honestly having somebody with you might be more hassle for the both of you especially when there are a lot of people… unless of course your buddy is getting his/her licence renewed too.



Edit: They are not open on Saturdays.

Thanks to Carlos Miguel del Mar for clearing this up.

Why do we need to be so negative? (On The Walking Dead TV Series)

To put it simply, there can be no critics if there are no artists creating shows to be critical about. Yet there can be no good show with no creative criticism. Note the words: Creative Criticism.

I’m a big fan of the TV series “The Walking Dead” (TWD) and despite going through the agonizing slow pace of the first half of season 2, I don’t think people should be bashing on the series. I specifically mention this series, because I have been reading reviews about it, (well, about other things too like movies, software, gadgets, etc.) but I just read one attention-seeking review that was just trying to put down TWD show.


Question 1: Why would you continue to watch it if you think it sucks so much?

Sure there can be compelling reasons like “I just really want to know what happens but I don’t like the characters.” or “I couldn’t find the remote and I had to sit through the entire thing” or “My boss pays me to write a stupid review” or “My wife made me watch it.”— tsk tsk tsk

I believe that TV shows, and the people behind them are artists and entertainers on their own right. And if you’re still watching the show, you are entertained; may it be happiness or hatred that you’re feeling. Admit it, you’re entertained, otherwise do the other infinite number of other things you can do.

Question 2: Why write a review or make a comment when you’re close-minded or did not pay attention to what you’re watching?

Many reviewers focus on the negative aspects of the TWD show, maybe because it will spark an outrage amongst misinformed readers or attract an influx of comments/visitors to increase the traffic of your blogsite, and increase page ranking?

Some points I would like to make,

1: In season 2, episode 10-11: (Semi Spoiler) A kid is killed by a good twist of his neck, and became a zombie, without being bitten or scratched by an actual zombie. Also, a major character is stabbed in the chest, dies and then reanimate to become a zombie. Then episode ends. Then comes the reviews or recaps. One reviewer lashed out at how stupid the scenes were and how he says the writers are making “on the fly” excuses for the non-contact infection. But if only that said reviewer, did his job and reviewed the series as a whole, and not just the episode, then he will see that there had been clues all along as to why that was! Turns out zombies with no zombie bites or scratches have already been walking around in the earlier episodes, and was even pointed out.

2: It’s a show. A “what if” show. And when it’s a show about a zombie apocalypse, then you can’t really say “If I was there I would have made far better decision than those stupid characters!” Because you aren’t really there. There’s no zombie apocalypse. And would you really be on the same state of mind you are now, sitting comfortably in front of your computer as compared to living in constant fear, no home, no laws to protect you and seeing death as constant as your friends’ facebook update?

Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But at least make a smart one. And you don’t have to use words like “fuck” or “stupid” or “bullshit” just because you don’t know any other words or you’re insecure and just trying to act tough. A comment that goes “The character Lori is confusing me, her decisions seems selfish and unrealistic” is far better than “Lori is a whiny bitch who makes stupid decision”, now take that last quote and replace “Lori is” with “I’m” and replace “decision” with “comments”, that too will sound far better.

3: If you’re going to be a critic, at least be a creative one. Be constructive rather than giving useless rants or information. If you feel the need to express yourself you can always say “I hated the episode” rather than “The director is stupid and does not know what he’s doing.” That’s just plain hating, even if you have a degree in movie making or a PhD in pyschology. The world does not need haters.

4: I’m not a one-sided TWD fan as well. For one thing, I do agree that the dialog could be better improved. But I also think that maybe it was written that way? (Maybe that’s just my forgiving self). Even if there are parts that don’t really make much sense. Like how no one ever cared to look for Sophia in the barn. The little girl Sophia strayed off from the group and got lost in the zombie infested woods. Hershel, the farm owner, secret gathers zombies in his barn. Even when Hershel knew that Rick’s group was looking for a small girl, couldn’t one of Hershel’s kin at least take a quick look when they were secretly feeding the zombies with chickens?

Stuff like that also makes me think like its bad writing. And I count that as a negative point for the show, but I don’t trash the show. I may hate is sometimes but it entertains, so that’s still a good thing.

5: the list goes on…


Many people find it so easy to hate, and find it weak and stupid to appreciate. This may root from the stress and disappoint they are experiencing in their real lives. I don’t know. But people who think right and able to speak/comment properly are those who have control over their emotions, who are level-headed, or at least not writing/talking/commenting with heightened emotions or egos. Even overly joyous people can have the tendency to have a momentarily lapse of judgement and become blind to the other non-joyous facts.

I’m ranting now, anyway I’ll wrap this up by saying, please The Walking Dead fans, or anybody in general: Try to tone down that hatred. If you don’t like something anymore, just wish it good luck and move on. (Just like bidding goodbye to an x-girlfirend/boyfriend)… good times, good times… Lol


Note: I’m writing this with the latest episode being Season 2, Episode 11: Better Angels.


Mesmerize, a transitive verb which means to spellbind, to enthral, or to hypnotize. People often use this word and most of the time interchangeably with hypnotize. However, few know where this word originated from.

Franz Anton Mesmer from Swabia, Germany was born on the 23rd of May, 1734. He was a German Physician who researched about the effects of magnetism on a human body to further improve the rate of recovery of the sick. His earlier works involved a study on the effects of Planets on a human body much like how the Moon affects the Ocean tides. This would later lead him to discover Animal Magnetism.  To explain in simple terms, Animal Magnetism can be understood with the following concepts:

Human beings and other animals possess a certain magnetic force;

Human well being is dependent on a well flowing stream of life in their bodies. When these flow get obstructed, the person becomes sick; and finally,

Humans who possess a stronger Animal Magnetism can cure another who is sick and restore the flow of life of that human.

One may find a close similarity to the practice and belief of Chi in Chinese Philosophy of theFar East. Both are very much similar and have parallel ideologies, however with Mesmer’s background in western medicine and science, he took up research to better explain the phenomenon as close to scientific terms as possible. He took his findings to France, which at his time, was very much open minded to new ideas. The medical and scientific society was rather reluctant to assess this alternative and very much unorthodox concept of Mesmer’s. Eventually, the scientific community and medical colleagues did accede and gave him merit for his work, but ‘twas only during the final years of his life.

To know more about Mesmer’s legacy and his discovery of Animal Magnetism, go to or send a response to for free lessons.

How to Make Money Affiliate with Marketing Websites

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To gain the opportunity for rewards to make money affiliate, the methods of pay per click or pay per sale are often offered where every visitor’s click is converted into earnings. With the thousands of visitors searching the internet for products and services, the potential for earnings to make money affiliate has grown into a large scale for internet users. Many owe their success through these marketing strategies where the lack of responsibilities in handling and delivering the product is expected. Soon, even you can be part of their success. The only responsibility you’ll have is to refer the products to the consumers with colorful banners and SEO tools that would increase the potential viewership and profitability.

The main goal of the affiliate marketing program is to be able to sign affiliates who have the ability to reach untapped markets. With the competition on the internet, you can become an extension of the sales force that will carry the brand name of the product. The need to make money affiliate grows as the demand for the products and services increases. The wide market is ahead for all of us to participate in to create a career in internet marketing. With the tremendous growth in this field of sales, so thus the need to make money affiliate arises. Be a leader in this marketing career and watch yourself grow not only in financial capacity but also in making a worthwhile venture for yourself.

All your time and efforts to make money affiliate will be amply rewarded even in times when competition for employment opportunities continues to exist.

Increase Your Profits as a Book affiliate

Do you have your own website? Are you aware that selling an author’s book through your website is possible and will let you possibly earn a great amount of income? If you become a book affiliate, endless opportunities are waiting for you such as high commissions if only you succeed in getting the attention of customers and convincing them to buy the books.

It is a fact that books are widely used even in the age of computers where search engines are available for information. The importance of books led to the development of book affiliate programs that will help authors gain popularity, help customers have their favorite books, give collectors the chance to get an old book that is not found in any of the local bookstores, as well as help affiliates earn more income through book promotions. Joining book affiliate programs can be rather easy but what you need to think about is the commission offered when you become an affiliate.

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Affiliate partner Programs for Extra Cash

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