BlazBlue Calamity Trigger: Review for Xbox 360

If you’re into fighting games, then you might know about a little nugget known as Guilty Gear. The team that brought that 2D fighting game to players was Arc System Works, and they’ve released a new fighter in the same vein with BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. This game has a whole new group of characters, and a fighting system that has evolved from the original in Guilty Gear. There are twelve playable characters, and they all have very different styles of combat from each other. One thing that Arc System Works has brought back with this new iteration is the craziness of the characters, as well as gameplay nuances that can lead to absolutely insane battles. There are a number of different offline games, and a very strong online play system. Even though BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger might not be the easiest game to pick up, it has a lot to offer fans of 2D fighting games.

Much like the original Guilty Gear games, this new version has three attack buttons as well as a fourth attack button that performs the ‘drive’ attack, a special move that is different for every character. The character Ragna steals the enemy’s health with their attacks, and the character Jin freezes the enemy in place. In fact, each of the characters looks, acts, and plays completely differently. This can be something of a difficulty for the beginner, as skills learned on one character won’t necessarily transfer to another character. Still, overcoming that high learning curve opens up one of the most intricate fighting games on the market today.

Just like the original Guilty Gear games, the fighting mechanics in BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger are fast and intense. Tactics for overcoming the enemy include chaining together multiple attacks, performing juggle attacks that will keep your opponents in the air, and dashing forward and backward on the 2D battlefield. Many of the characters have strong offensive talents, and this is the sort of game where a strong offense can serve you well.

On the defensive end of the spectrum, there is the standard block, which has a meter that indicates the power remaining on your block before it fails that is different for each character. There are also a number of counter moves that can decrease the amount of damage that is done from attacks. These include timing your defensive button push to decrease the amount of time that your character actually spends blocking if you push it at the perfect time, a defense system that actively protects you that is called ‘barrier’, and a defensive counter system that allows you to perform a counterattack that can completely change the status of a battle.

All told, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a strong title from a company with a history in the genre. They have taken the best of their previous games and expanded them into a game that has the flavor of the originals, but takes the actual gameplay to a whole new level. As if that wasn’t enough, the online play component makes this game one for anyone’s collection.


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