Leadership Training Seminar? Really? (Cont’d)

As Nicole and I walked back, we chatted up a bit. She had her fair share of rants too. How we were both pissed at the fact that a common friend of ours tricked us into going there. She got the “Free food” story and I got the “Want your help with something” story. Finally! I thought to myself, someone who actually saw this thing for what it really was. We both agreed that it was far from being the business leadership seminar than what it really was.

As we headed back towards the main hall where part 2 of the seminar was starting, Nicole said “Really? after all that talk and you’re still going back in there?”

I laughed at her question, but she was right, I was going back in there… maybe out of respect for all the other people who think differently of this.

“You do know there’s no point if you’re not signing up on their pyramid afterwards.” she continued.

Then I told her “Well, it’s kind of weird, but I kind of enjoy how they try to convince me and how they challenge my skepticism. Even though there’s no way I’m signing up.”

“That’s just mean.” She replied.

I smiled and began to head back inside when she caught up to me. I gave her a confused look and she said “What? you’ve just given me a whole new perspective of this thing. And It’d be fun to see your lousy ‘act’… Plus! It’d be much more fun to see you end up giving in to peer pressure.”

I smiled and replied “That’s just mean.”

I also waved back at Jade who has had her eyes on me like a hawk to a rabbit. Scary. Anyway part 2, and yes the story of a lifetime. Zzz. Just kidding. I pay close attention mind you. How else would I be challenging them in an educated level?

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