Happy, Tired and Hungry

Have you ever gotten into a point where you’re hungry AND sleepy at the same time?

Last week was a ‘hell-of-a-week’ for me. I had so much to do and had so little time. But I was glad to know that I ended up being able to do them all… Well, some may have not been implemented as I had imagined. But the goals were met and it still fell into the accomplished list. That made me very happy but very tired as well.

What did I do? We opened our very own office. There were so many more things to do than what I had anticipated! Believe me, it’s not as simple as finding a spot, putting in furniture and office supplies, and making sure the locks are set when it’s closing time. Opening an office deserves so much more than just a paragraph, so I’d probably talk more about that on a different post… Or posts.

So, there I was, the office finally operating on the second day and my body was now begging to be pampered. (On the first day, I was all excited, so my body ran on adrenalin). As day two passed the 12 noon mark, I have realized that I had not properly eaten the past two days, and if two to three hours of shut-eye can’t be considered as sleep, then I haven’t slept too. Laughing at myself can’t even help me now.

So what I felt was this almost deadweight eyelids ready to forever close my eyes and this animalistic hunger for meat. A horse or an elephant would simply seem like appetizers. I sat on the sofa, and then slouched. So sleepy I couldn’t get up and find something to eat, yet so hungry I couldn’t bear the thought of the hunger eating me up inside as I slumber.

It wouldn’t be healthy to sleep on an empty stomach and it would be unwise to prepare a meal while you’re loosing consciousness every 5 seconds.

So what did I do? Got a glass of cold milk from the fridge, ate a couple of cookies, barely brushed my teeth and then slept.

It’s not best to sleep right after eating because the food hasn’t really been processed down enough for you to lie down; although , its much worse sleeping with a growling stomach since it’ll build up acidity inside you that you definitely would not want.

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