Chickenpox… Grrr…

I haven’t been around to make a blog post for quite a while. Blame it on my chickenpox, my heavy workload with article writing, and my trip toPalawan.

(I think I deserve the last excuse right? Hehe)

Well, the funny thing about chickenpox is that it is contagious. I have no clue as to where I have contracted it. It’s summer anyway and most kids I know had it. I’m no kid, but I never had chickenpox before.

I was feeling very weak for a couple of days and I double dosed on my vitamins but my heavy workload forced me to ignore the early symptoms.

So there I was in front of my computer, constantly scratching myself. I scratched a few of the “pimples” on my head. I kept telling myself that they were just renegade pimples, but when I asked a friend to check it out (plus one big “pimple” that suddenly grew near my bellybutton) and he said that it was definitely chickenpox. I brushed it off and didn’t think it was true until I woke up the following day with blisters all over. Red spots and other blisters that contained a clear liquid grew quickly on my body and face. I rushed to my Aunt, who happened to be a doctor. (Yes, foolish me for not consulting her in the first place.)

Then that was it. 2 weeks off work. Lol, or so I thought. Anyway the first few days I felt like was turning into a zombie. Felt so weak and tired, and my sink just covered in blisters. I took photos but would simply be embarrassing myself if I posted them here.

After my recovery, I “infected” two other of my female friends. They weren’t very happy about it, but I just told them to blame their weak immune system. (Jokingly of course)

Then I was back to work. Man! There was a lot of things to be done!

I keep on staying up late and waking up early in the morning. I was getting roughly 5 hours of sleep a day, or less!

I needed a break… and so did my friends with regards to their jobs. We decided to head onto Palawan. White beaches, Underground River, and Animal Parks. We were flying to Palawan before we knew it. A Couple of days there and we were feeling refreshed!

I’ll probably talk more about our trip on another post, but to sum it all up: It was great. Palawan is certainly a place to visit, over and over again. It was the break that we all needed.


Crocodile from Palawan's Crocodile Farm

No, that is not me with chickenpox, it is one of the gigantic crocodiles we saw in the Palawan Crocodile Farm! ^^,

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