Why do we need to be so negative? (On The Walking Dead TV Series)

To put it simply, there can be no critics if there are no artists creating shows to be critical about. Yet there can be no good show with no creative criticism. Note the words: Creative Criticism.

I’m a big fan of the TV series “The Walking Dead” (TWD) and despite going through the agonizing slow pace of the first half of season 2, I don’t think people should be bashing on the series. I specifically mention this series, because I have been reading reviews about it, (well, about other things too like movies, software, gadgets, etc.) but I just read one attention-seeking review that was just trying to put down TWD show.


Question 1: Why would you continue to watch it if you think it sucks so much?

Sure there can be compelling reasons like “I just really want to know what happens but I don’t like the characters.” or “I couldn’t find the remote and I had to sit through the entire thing” or “My boss pays me to write a stupid review” or “My wife made me watch it.”— tsk tsk tsk

I believe that TV shows, and the people behind them are artists and entertainers on their own right. And if you’re still watching the show, you are entertained; may it be happiness or hatred that you’re feeling. Admit it, you’re entertained, otherwise do the other infinite number of other things you can do.

Question 2: Why write a review or make a comment when you’re close-minded or did not pay attention to what you’re watching?

Many reviewers focus on the negative aspects of the TWD show, maybe because it will spark an outrage amongst misinformed readers or attract an influx of comments/visitors to increase the traffic of your blogsite, and increase page ranking?

Some points I would like to make,

1: In season 2, episode 10-11: (Semi Spoiler) A kid is killed by a good twist of his neck, and became a zombie, without being bitten or scratched by an actual zombie. Also, a major character is stabbed in the chest, dies and then reanimate to become a zombie. Then episode ends. Then comes the reviews or recaps. One reviewer lashed out at how stupid the scenes were and how he says the writers are making “on the fly” excuses for the non-contact infection. But if only that said reviewer, did his job and reviewed the series as a whole, and not just the episode, then he will see that there had been clues all along as to why that was! Turns out zombies with no zombie bites or scratches have already been walking around in the earlier episodes, and was even pointed out.

2: It’s a show. A “what if” show. And when it’s a show about a zombie apocalypse, then you can’t really say “If I was there I would have made far better decision than those stupid characters!” Because you aren’t really there. There’s no zombie apocalypse. And would you really be on the same state of mind you are now, sitting comfortably in front of your computer as compared to living in constant fear, no home, no laws to protect you and seeing death as constant as your friends’ facebook update?

Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But at least make a smart one. And you don’t have to use words like “fuck” or “stupid” or “bullshit” just because you don’t know any other words or you’re insecure and just trying to act tough. A comment that goes “The character Lori is confusing me, her decisions seems selfish and unrealistic” is far better than “Lori is a whiny bitch who makes stupid decision”, now take that last quote and replace “Lori is” with “I’m” and replace “decision” with “comments”, that too will sound far better.

3: If you’re going to be a critic, at least be a creative one. Be constructive rather than giving useless rants or information. If you feel the need to express yourself you can always say “I hated the episode” rather than “The director is stupid and does not know what he’s doing.” That’s just plain hating, even if you have a degree in movie making or a PhD in pyschology. The world does not need haters.

4: I’m not a one-sided TWD fan as well. For one thing, I do agree that the dialog could be better improved. But I also think that maybe it was written that way? (Maybe that’s just my forgiving self). Even if there are parts that don’t really make much sense. Like how no one ever cared to look for Sophia in the barn. The little girl Sophia strayed off from the group and got lost in the zombie infested woods. Hershel, the farm owner, secret gathers zombies in his barn. Even when Hershel knew that Rick’s group was looking for a small girl, couldn’t one of Hershel’s kin at least take a quick look when they were secretly feeding the zombies with chickens?

Stuff like that also makes me think like its bad writing. And I count that as a negative point for the show, but I don’t trash the show. I may hate is sometimes but it entertains, so that’s still a good thing.

5: the list goes on…


Many people find it so easy to hate, and find it weak and stupid to appreciate. This may root from the stress and disappoint they are experiencing in their real lives. I don’t know. But people who think right and able to speak/comment properly are those who have control over their emotions, who are level-headed, or at least not writing/talking/commenting with heightened emotions or egos. Even overly joyous people can have the tendency to have a momentarily lapse of judgement and become blind to the other non-joyous facts.

I’m ranting now, anyway I’ll wrap this up by saying, please The Walking Dead fans, or anybody in general: Try to tone down that hatred. If you don’t like something anymore, just wish it good luck and move on. (Just like bidding goodbye to an x-girlfirend/boyfriend)… good times, good times… Lol


Note: I’m writing this with the latest episode being Season 2, Episode 11: Better Angels.

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